3" Side Trip Speedos - Exchange Only - from


3" Bottom Trip Speedos Exchange only from                                         


3" Rev Counters Exchange only for old speedo


5" Vincent Speedo with angle drive exchange for 3” side trip speedo          


5" Vincent Rev. Counter with angle drive exchange for 3” speedo


BG2410-30 screw on angle gearbox [land rover type]


New 3" screw-on Bezels (Please state type required. i.e. Truimph,

flanged or flat-sided)


Re-chromed screw-on bezels as above


Rubber ring (to fit under the bezel or under the flanged bezel when fitting into a headlight)


Screw-on Light Fittings


6" and 8" Trip Rods


Side Trip Knobs


3" Glass


5" Glass for Vincent Speedos


New 5" Vincent Screw on Bezels


New 5" Vincent glass retaining ring


5" Vincent Rubber Ring (to fit under the bezel)


2" Crimp-on bezels for early 2" Magnetic Speedos


Chronometric Speedo Drive Cables


We only accept parcels from outside the EU that are sent by Post not by Carrier

All prices exclude post and packing

For payment by PayPal please add 4% to the above prices

Please send sterling cheque made payable to D. A. Woods or P. D. Woods

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