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Chronometric Speedos were fitted to motorcycles up to 1963 and on police motorcycles up to 1974  and printed on the faces.   Many pre-war cars were fitted chronometric speedos manufactured with a Jaeger Dial

We repair all Chronometric Speedos and Rev. Counters, from a mechanical repair to a full restoration that includes a new face, bezel, glass, o-ring, black and white mileage recording numbers and a resprayed case.

The internals would be overhauled and new parts fitted as necessary. 

A one year guarantee is included with every repair or restoration.

The prices for 3" instruments range from £60 for a mechanical repair to £150 for a full restoration.   An estimate can be provided for each repair.

Vincent 5" Speedos and Rev. Counters are a speciality with new cases, bezels and faces.   Service exchange reconditioned angle gearboxes are available.

Please post your instrument in a suitable box to the address on our Contact Us page and we will contact you as soon as it arrives.

Exchange Speedos and Rev. Counters are available.  Please contact with details of your instrument.    3" instruments exchanged for similar from £150

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